Peter den Bakker


Instrument: Guitars
Birth date: 20 Jun 1979
Education: BAS, Chemistry
Lives in: Nijmegen
Member: 2011 – 2013, 2018 – present


Musical Background:


It all started with a borrowed bass guitar when I was 17. I switched to guitar a year later, but let it catch dust for a long time when the demand for bass guitar players was higher. I was conquering the world with bands like Sin7sinS and Dreamwalkers Inc, when the Beyond God family called me back home, but this time on the 8 thin-stringer.


Gear: Mayones Setius 8 Core V-fret, Mayones Regius 8, Kemper Profiler, Opel Astra
Favorite Albums: Mercy Falls – Seventh Wonder, The Divine Wings of Tragedy – Symphony X, Imaginations from the Other Side – Blind Guardian, Affinity – Haken
Musicians: Devin Townsend, Lady Gaga, Andreas Blomqvist
Bands: Symphony X, Seventh Wonder, Blind Guardian, Haken
Drinks: Beer
Writers: Lars Kepler, David Baldacci, Lee Child, Dan Brown
TV: Nothing
Holiday: Tropical
Sports: Drinking beer
Man: Dad
Woman: Mom
Food: Pizza