Meryl Foreman


Meryl was born in 1995 in the city of Eindhoven. She would later leave for Utrecht where she studied Veterinary Medicine. After completing her masters degree she moved back to the greater Eindhoven region where she currently works as a veterinarian for companion animals. At the very early age of 4, she started playing the violin and about 9 years later she changed the violin for private vocal lessons which she had till the age of 18. Her first band was called Black Fish which she started with several friends during high school. Later, a show of the Dutch symphonic metal band Stream of Passion inspired her to become the singer in a metalband and she found her place as the vocalist of Beyond God.

When she is not busy looking after peoples pets, Meryl enjoys making music, riding horses, playing Nintendo games, watching series and spending time with her loved ones. She also picked up the hobby of dying her hair because her natural hair colour hasn’t seen the light of day since she was 16! Although Meryl rocked pink, blue and black hair, she is secretly a blonde underneath!

Meryl’s playlist contains bands such as Stream of Passion, Muse, Jinjer, Evanescence, Rammstein, Fleetwood Mac and the Eagles.


Her microphone of choice is the Shure Beta 58 wireless.