Mariusz Krawitowski


Mariusz is originally made in Poland and is responsible for the solo spectrum. He was born in 1985 in Bytom Silesia, the biggest mining city in Poland where the coal blackens the snow before it falls and with it, the souls of its citizens (or so the legend goes). In 2011 he moved to the Netherlands, near Rotterdam and he currently works in IT (probably because of the coal). His musical journey started around the age of 9-10 when he played classical guitar. He actually wanted to play the piano but his parents did not have the place for a piano. Naturally, a guitar is the second best option because it sounds similar to a piano, or so his parents thought. For some time Mariusz wanted to switch to a piano but eventually he did find joy in playing guitar which he still does. After playing classical guitar for a while he found out that louder is in fact better and got his first electric guitar at the age of 14. Within a year he joined his first band.

When he is not busy writing code, he is busy writing music or writing more code. He’s a massive fan of gadgets, AI and programming. He also enjoys going for a swim. Aside from guitar, he enjoys rhythm instruments as well.

Mariusz enjoys a wide variety of music. Bands that inspire him are (but not limited to) Russian Circles, STEAK, Leprous, Soen, Riverside, Une Misere, Alter Bridge, Tremonti, Jinjer, Miss May I, Of Mice and Men, Lamb of God, Kyuss, Vulfpeck, GoGo Penguin and Hiatus Kaiyote.

Although his wife thinks guitars are mainly furniture that collects dust, he is the proud owner of an Ibanez AT100 (his favorite), and an Ibanez RGR5227 MFX, Ibanez RG3727FZ and Ibanez RGD2127Z ISH Prestige. He used a Blackstar series one 100 6L6 until he figured out a Line6 Helix was louder so he switched to that.