Ferry Guns


Born in 1975, Ferry is the father of two teenagers and currently lives near Eindhoven in the Netherlands. He has obtained a Bachelor of Science and works as a Program Director at Philips Healthcare. At the age of 10 he started playing bass guitar and after two years he added “hammering on boxes” to his musical resume. It took another two years for his parents to get him his first drumkit. During his teens he started his first bands, mainly Doom and Death Metal inspired by The Gathering. This was followed by a musical hiatus lasting a few years. However, he never let the passion for music slide and started working on new ideas. As soon as he had written music aplenty, he decided it was time to take this music and find other musicians to form a new band. Thus Beyond God was born.During his time off, Ferry likes to play drums and work on orchestrations. He enjoys riding his speedpedelec bike and hanging out with his girlfriend. Not many people know this but although he is reminiscent of the Muppet Animal behind the drums, he actually really enjoys romantic movies! For example, he has seen the Titanic over a dozen times (Jack could have fitted on there, Rose…).

Some of his favourite bands to listen to are Jinjer, Dream Theater, Delain, Evanescence and the old-school Death Metal bands such as Obituary, Carcass and Gorefest.

In the studio and live he uses his Tama Superstar Hyperdrive drums and Zildjian A-Custom cymbals.