Dennis Winkel


In the summer of 1995, Dennis was born near Rotterdam. This is where he spent his entire life thus far. He got a Bachelors degree in International Studies, a Masters degree in Russian and Eurasian Studies and a Masters degree in International Relations: Global Conflict in the Modern Era, all from Leiden University. Currently he works for the Dutch Public Authorities. He started his interest in playing music in primary school after a music class made him curious about playing guitar. He had guitar lessons starting with classic children music but developed a taste for the more energetic music around the age of 13. Buying his first electric guitar, this developed further and at the age of 16 he decided to add bass to his arsenal to play in a band with some friends. Before Beyond God he had played in some rock and metal bands ranging from symphonic to black/death and everything in between.


In his free time, Dennis enjoys music, watching movies or series, going for a walk or spending time with the people close to him. The one thing he does not like is heights, but somehow he always ends up visiting high buildings on holidays such as the Rockefeller Center, CN Tower and the Burj Khalifa.


Dennis is inspired by bands such as Trivium, Toto, Avantasia, Sabaton, Parkway Drive, Nightwish and Lorna Shore.


His gear of choice on stage and at home is his LTD D6 and Darkglass B7k