Lukasz Kubaszak

Instrument: Bass
Birth date: July 22nd, 1981
Education: Master of Science
Lives in: Tholen, The Netherlands

My story with the bass guitar began when I was 14 years old. At that age I got my first bass from my neighbour. Even before this age I was listening to a lot of thrash metal. The next step was easy: creating a band. From the age of 16 I started my journey with band rehearsals, song-writing and small live performances. My high school era was related with thrash and death metal. With my band Daimonion Touch I released my first EP. During the university era I listened mainly to progressive metal. With my band Neurasthenia I released my first LP In-no-sense. Besides progressive metal I played jazz/funk with professional musicians. 

After university I had a long period with extended traveling around the world. It was mainly work related but it was also good for musical inspiration. Music from Asia and America influenced my and I will never forget jamming with Victor Wooten. During this period I started to practise tapping techniques. With my project Respice Finem I released an LP called Respice Finem. 

The next brilliant decision was to settle down in The Netherlands and to join Beyond God. Beyond God is receiving my highest priority and we keep going this way…


GMR Flow Out 6 Fretted
GMR Soundboard NT 6 Fretless
GMR Flow Out 4 Fretted
Looptrotter SaturAmp & Emperor

Favorite Albums:

Totally depends on my mood, from jazz to death metal…


Miles Davis, Krzysztof Komeda, Alain Caron, Peter Gabriel, John Patitucci, Sean Malone, Helmut Hattler, John Coltrane, Michael Manring, Stanley Clarke, Tomasz Stanko, Trey Gunn, Dave Weckl, Azam Ali, Bill Bruford, and many more.


King Crimson, Death, Cynic, Tool, Kobong…There are so many good bands!


Beers from Belgium and The Netherlands


Zeeland, every weekend!


Jogging, Cycling